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 Frameless Folding Doors

Benefits of Folding Doors

Abundant Natural Light

Folding doors feature large glass panels that allow ample natural light to enter your living space. They create a bright and inviting atmosphere, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day and providing a connection to the outdoors.

Expansive Views and Aesthetics

Folding doors offer a sleek and modern aesthetic, adding a sense of style and sophistication to any space. With their large glass panels and slim profiles, they create a visually striking element that enhances the overall design of your home.

Indoor-Outdoor Flow

Folding doors enable a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. They eliminate barriers and create a sense of continuity, allowing you to effortlessly extend your living area, enjoy fresh air, and make the most of your outdoor space.


Folding Doors FAQs

What are folding doors?

Folding doors, also known as bi-fold doors or folding sliding doors, are a type of door system consisting of multiple panels that fold and stack against one another when opened. They provide a wide opening and create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

How do folding doors operate?

Folding doors operate on a track system that allows the panels to slide and fold when opened or closed. The panels are hinged together, and they fold and stack neatly to the side, saving space and providing a wide opening.

What materials are folding doors made of?

Folding doors can be made from various materials, including uPVC, aluminium, wood, and composite materials. Each material has its own characteristics in terms of durability, maintenance requirements, aesthetics, and energy efficiency.

What are the benefits of folding doors?

Folding doors offer benefits such as wide openings, abundant natural light, seamless indoor-outdoor flow, versatile space utilization, energy efficiency, space-saving design, and flexible design options. They enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and connectivity of your living spaces.

Can folding doors be customised to fit my home’s design?

Yes, folding doors can often be customised to fit your home’s design. You can choose from various sizes, materials, finishes, configurations, and glazing options to match your architectural style and personal preferences.

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